Thanks to today's technology the spine and the musculature that runs along it are often among the first areas to fall victim to pain due to long hours of self-imposed postures held at the computer or the bad habit of texting while looking down. It's no surprise that we all suffer from some level of neck and/or low back pain. If left untreated the neck and back pain can over time extend into the arms and legs. This pain can often be relieved with a chiropractic adjustment.  Are you ready to relieve your pain?


Come meet with the Doctor who will :

  • Consult with you

  • Examine you and

  • Give you an Adjustment














                 Chiropractic adjustment for back pain                             Exercises for reinforced alignment and relief



An adjustment will relieve pinched nerves and improve overall circulation.  Regular chiropractic adjustments improve overall joint motion and reduce pain immediately.


Real reasons people go to the Chiropractor

  • Back and Neck pain – relief and prevention

  • Neuropathy, tingling in extremities

  • Pinched Nerve

  • Headaches/Migraines- relief and prevention

  • Improved range of motion and Peak performance

  • Sciatica

  • Menstrual symptom relief

  • Arthritis

  • Knee and foot pain

  • TMJ and Jaw pain

  • Disc pain



The Doctor May Recommend:      

  * Ultrasound                   * Muscle Stimulation                * Myofascial Release   

  * Moist Heat                   * Infrared Heat                           * Traction and Stretching   

  * Acupuncture                *  Cupping                                   * Soft Tissue Massage 



Chiropractic Drop Table Adjustment Available 

  • Drop tables are used for spinal decompression, scoliosis, stenosis, and disc involvement. We've got your back!


Our Chiropractic Techniques

    * Spinal decompression                                 *  Thompson

    *  Diversified                                                   *  Low Force

    *  SOT                                                               *  Soft tissue work

    *  McKenzie                                                      * Physiotherapy​


Get back to doing you!





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