Massage Therapy

Our expert massage therapists provide therapeutic, deep tissue, sports, Swedish, and pregnancy massage 6 days a week.  Great for neck and shoulder pain, low back pain and sprain strain injuries.











                                    Medical Massage Therapy                                                                              Therapeutic Massage



The benefits of massage therapy are well known in the medical community:

 1. Stress                                            11. Improve balance in older adults

 2. Anxiety                                         12. Decrease arthritic pain

 3.  Neck pain                                    13. Temper defects of dementia

 4. Low back pain                             14. Promote relaxation

 5. Fibromyalgia pain                      15. Lower blood pressure

 6. Muscle tension                           16. Carpal tunnel pain 

 7. Tension headaches                   17. Enhance exercise performance

 8. Post-operative stress               18. improved sleep

 9. Eases depression                       19. Increase range of motion

10. Improved circulation               20. Improved posture





Speeds Rehabilitation

Athletes use Massage therapy to speed healing and as a result,

recover quickly from training. The techniques that were once only

understood by professional trainers are now available to

anyone that could benefit from therapeutic massage. Massage 

activates molecules that reduce inflammation and promote

mitochondrial growth and flushed acid out of the muscle to

reduce achiness.



If you'd like to join the tens of millions of people who benefit from regular, healing massage therapy, schedule a massage today. You have nothing lose except your aches and pains!



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